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Sahiwal is a city in lower Punjab of Pakistan. It is a city where I have been born and where my parents and ancestors have lived in. So it brings along so many memories that are cherished. I feel a special unique connection to sahiwal and my visit to sahiwal minimum is of two times a year which is very rare because whenever I get an opportunity to travel I visit my grandparents. It’s a long journey of eight hours if you go by a bus and which is my means of transportation when i am alone. Whenever I enter Sahiwal I hear these very busy noises and extreme hustle and bustle  which you may hear in any other part of  an urban city but in sahiwal it’s still different or maybe i feel this inclination because  its my hometown. The hollering sounds of rickshaws and chinchiees will stick with you all time of the day. Even if your get awake from your sleep at 3am you will hear one rickshaw that will cross your street. Sahiwal is a small city with a growing population with significant changes occurring over past few years. Being a small city there is one town and few colonies the main being known to everyone are Fateh shar colony, Farid town and Tariq bin Ziad Colony. Upper class, middle upper class and middle class people living in these places almost know each other and are popular family names. In history Sahiwal was known by a different name which was Montgomery and this division is famous for water buffalo milk all over the world. The other significance of Sahiwal is Harrappa which is the main attraction for tourists all over the country. Harrappa is an ancient civilization dated back to 3000 to 5000 BC and is a must go place if you are in sahiwal.


Talking about the culture of Sahiwal, its majority of people are helpful, loving and extrovert. In past, there were few women to be seen on the streets of sahiwal since its environment is quite conservative and a lady is supposed  to cover her head while going out. No woman was seen to be driving a car in the city but now things have changed. Now when i go to sahiwal i see women driving in the city although even now people stare them as if they have suddenly seen a starship driving by an alien. But trends are changing sahiwal has become  modern and businesses  who are 24/7 actively searching for new markets have targeted it successfully. Brands and big stores like ChenOne, Bareeze, leisure club, Outfitters have opened in sahiwal. Since the upper class of sahiwal always approach nearby cities like Lahore and Multan to do there shopping’s which is in fact a fatigue and everyone cannot afford them. So the new market has provided facilities not only for them but for other people in sahiwal who cannot afford to go out of city due to their time and budget constraints. The famous market of Sahiwal which has always been the hub of shopping and still is despite of the emerging brand market is known as “Sohri Gali”. Sohri gali is also a main attraction for girls on chant raat for mehndi. All classes in sahiwal come to this place for shopping as there exists wide variety of goods in one small place. Similarly, there are less educational institution in sahiwal. Majority of students few years ago go to City school, Bloomfield, Divisional Public school, Govt. High school and Pilot school. Now new schools are opening like beacon house and allied school. Students after completing their 12 years of education then have different future gateways. Few boys who can’t afford further studies and do not have opportunity in the city look for jobs and get disappointed due to unemployment and girls are usually got married. Majority then travels out of city to metropolitan cities in country to search for jobs and higher education. Upper class children usually opt going to Lahore and live in hostels there. There was no proper University is sahiwal but now COMSATS institute of technology is  working there. Sahiwal is a city of 20 minutes complete drive the main famous road is known as High street and that part of city is known as “Sheher” which also includes sohri  gali. There are not many opportunities for women in outdoors activities since no parks have been developed except one which is known as Farid park. Eid is a wonderful time to spend in sahwial since the people in sahiwal are friendly and meet everyone. Every neighbour remains in touch with each other and they find modes of fun. I feel that if sahiwal is developed more with span of time its people are welcoming to new opportunities. As,  the main source of entertainment in Sahiwal are Restaurants and markets. Few restaurants have opened in vicinity of sahiwal   like Road chef, Ziaqa and Sunehri which attracts at a great deal to families to dine out on weekends and on special events like Eid, chant raat etc. Okara is also one nearby cantt where people go for various tasks especially when there were no beauty parlours in sahiwal girls getting married used to go to okara beauty Saloon since it’s very nearer then Lahore. The famous language of Sahiwal is Punjabi and is well spoken there. Sahiwal is a city of one of its kind and Government should take further measures in its development.

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