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Rawalpindi, located in northern most part of Punjab, is the twin city of Capital of Pakistan Islamabad and fourth largest city of the country. The total area of Rawalpindi is 108.8 square meters.  Rawalpindi holds a very important position for the country as Military headquarters are located in the city. Several industries, factories and large and small bazaars are located in the city. 90 percent of the people speak Punjabi language in different dialects while the remaining 10% speak other languages such as Urdu, English and Pashto.


The residents of Rawalpindi are generally friendly and cultured. They are very fond of eating food and desi food is normally preferred. Islam is followed by 94% of the people in which mostly are Sunnis and Shiites are also present. Many mosques are present and old temples from pre-partition time are still there in the innermost parts of the city. Shias have also built their darbaars and Imaam Bargas. The culture also enjoys diversity as there are people belonging to the city since ever and also a large number of families belonging to armed forces reside mainly in the cantonment area, who belong to different other cities and villages. All four seasons are experienced in a year. Rawalpindi has a humid climate with hot, humid summers with rainy monsoon and cold and foggy winters. Fast winds are blown and many areas are flooded in monsoon season. Many educational institutions are also present e.g Fatima Jinnah University and ARID (agricultural university),


The clothing differs from area to area and in different weather. Mostly boys wear Pants Shirts, Suits and shalwaar kameez while girls wear shalwaar kameez and pants, tops as well. Many boutiques and branded items are available for ladies and gents. Brands like Outfitters, Stoneage, Breakout, Fifth Avenue, Forecast, Crossroads, Chineyere, Mini Minors, Ego, Khaadi, Needle Impressions, Taana Baana, Shirt and Tie Shop and many more have their outlets in the city. Murree road is a very long road and many bazaars branch out from here. Many furniture markets are located on Murree road starting from Chandini Chowk to Faizabaad. Roads are over-crowded with vehicles and people. Recently, two flyovers have been built near Chandni Chowk and Faizabad and one tunnel is under construction near Mareer Chowk. Train tracks are also passed through different areas of the city. Many international food chains are present including Mc Donalds, Pappasallis, KFC, Tuttifrutti, Gloria Jeans etc. Famous 4 star hotel Pearl Continental is also located on Mall Road. Desi food can be enjoyed in different areas specially in the inner city. Savor foods located at college road, refreshment centre in commercial area, sitar tikka house college road, Food street Shamsabad, another small food street in Banni, Karahis and tikkas of Baabu Mohalla are very much liked by desi food lovers. In bazaars , Saddar, commercial market and murree road have many shopping plazas. The inner city has bazaars like Raja Bazaar which is more than 100 years old bazaar and has wholesale items including electronics, clothes, shoes and eateries. Adjacent to Raja Bazaar are many bazaars e.g, Madina market, Katra market, Nankari bazaar that are present before independence of Pakistan. China Market , that has most of the items imported from China from Apparels, Shoes to stationery and Moti bazaar that is a very old and  crowded market located in the inner city and has almost everything to buy at reasonable prices. Lower level people live in small houses and also houses owned by Okaaf department who have no private ownership are given to the poor people. Individuals belonging to lower and middle class reside mostly in the inner city along with traditionalist families who like to live in the houses their forefathers left for them. Mostly upper middle and upper class families in areas like Bahria Town, DHA (Defence Housing Authority) , and Scheme III. Bahria town is one of the Asia’s top most residential schemes owned by Malik Riaz, has beautiful scenic beauty and pollution free atmosphere. Adjacent to Bahria Town is DHA phase 1 which is owned by the Armed forces , its extention phase 2 & 3 are also located nearby on the GT Road (Grand Trunk Road leading to Lahore). Many Army Officers are allotted houses in DHA and Askari which is a housing scheme for Army officers. While many civilians have also built their houses in DHA. Scheme III is a residential areas and has a big market of its own as well. That starts from scheme III and ends at Car Chowk which has one gate to Bahria Town. Many recreational areas and parks are present in the city as well. Which includes Jinnah Park in the cantt that has two international food franchises , Cinepax Cinema and Diva Restaurant. Arena (cinema) located in Bahria Town is an international standard 3D cinema and a large number of people come to enjoy both Hollywood and bollywood movies. Ayub Park is another large amusement park that has many rides, eateries and also a mystery house and many kids vist the park and enjoy. Liaquat Bagh is another place that holds a very important political significance. Famous leaders Liaquat Ali Khan and then Benazir Bhutto were assassinated in that park and many important political processions are held there. Nawaz Sharif Park present near Shamsabad is another park , many kids visit the park. Every Sunday, Sunday Bazaar is set up near it and many poor people buy different items for them from there. Pindi Cricket Stadium is located near Shamsabaad and many international matches are played there and residents of people go there to enjoy the matches.


In a nut shell, it can be concluded that Rawalpindi is a very old and major city of the country that has a lot of heritage, is large area wise too and also is a source of economic power to the country. The city experiences a diverse culture and life. Elite and educated as well as poor and illiterate people are also residing in the same city. The factories and industries and Agricultural institutions (ABAD etc) are a source of great economic benefit to the nation.

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