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Era of Alliances: 1953-1962

Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement (1954)

World War II brought in its wake many new developments and events. The most immediate outcome of the war was the coming of a bipolar world being dominated by capitalist United States and the communist Soviet Union. Subscribing to two different and antithetical ideologies, the two powers indulged in a ... Read More »


After the Second World War the polarization of the planet emerged into capitalist bloc led by United States and communist bloc led by USSR. Both were the expansionist powers and found that following the collapse of nearly all great powers had left them with a unique opportunity to dominate the ... Read More »

Colombo Conference (1954)

Colombo conference was held on April 28 1954 in Ceylon, and it was ended on 2nd May 1954.This conference was attended by Ceylon, Indonesia, Burma, India and Pakistan. Participants of this conference were also known as Colombo powers. They all were met to discuss the problems and issues which were ... Read More »

CENTO (Baghdad Pact)

  Central Treaty Organization (CENTO) earlier Middle East Treaty Organization, or Baghdad Pact Organization Mutual Security Organization dating from 1955 to 1979 and contained of Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq and the Britain. Turkey and Iraq are founding initiators who laid the foundation of the Baghdad Pact for mutual defense and ... Read More »

Bandung Conference 1955

Introduction and Purpose: The Bandung Conference, also known as Asian-Africa Conference was a meeting of third world countries which took place on April 18-24, 1955 in Bandung, Indonesia. The five countries viz, Pakistan, Indian, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia were the co-sponsored of the Conference. They also brought together other ... Read More »

Pakistan’s Policy towards Suez Canal Crisis

Suez Canal crisis is referred to a set of conflicts which eventually culminated as a war between Britain, Israel, and France, against Egypt in 1956 and finished in 1958. The conflict appeared with the gradual evolution of Nationalism in Egypt and major offensives launched by the Israel in return on ... Read More »

Custody of Gwadar 1958

Gwadar is a port city on the Arabian sea in costal Baluchistan .Gwadar is situated on the southwestern Arabian sea  on a natural hammerhead shaped peninsula namely Gwadar West Bay and Gwadar East Bay.Gwadar is largely fiat baleen land with two hills Koh-e- Batil and Koh-e-mehdi.Koh-e-batil maximum height is 449ft ... Read More »

Pak-US Agreement of Cooperation 1959

Immediately after the inception of Pakistan the country was faced with shortage of economic and basic infrastructure. To minimize these gigantic problems and to provide with a basic infrastructure the country was in need of assistance in form of money. There were two superpowers at that time. The world just ... Read More »

Kashmir in UN (1953-1957)

The valley of Kashmir has been the bone of contention between India and Pakistan from the times of the partition. Kashmir has strategic importance for both the countries that have fought three wars to secure hold over the disputed territory of Kashmir. But all these attempts resulted in further chaos ... Read More »


Water is the great blessing of Allah on the earth and it is said Allah gifted Nile to Egypt and Indus to the state of Pakistan. The main stream of the Indus along with other rivers such as Jhelum and Chenab that flows into Pakistan come from the state of ... Read More »

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