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Pakistan: A Hard Country | Book Review

a hard country to live Pakistan

Book Author:  Anatol Lieven In post 9/11 era, Pakistan has been portraying by the mainstream scholars as a hazardous place on the face of the earth on the basis of its deteriorating security situation, declining economic condition and social unrest in the form of street protests and strikes. The prevailing …

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Origin of Muslim Consciousness in India: A World system perspective

(Author: Syed Nesar Ahmad) Name of Publication: Greenwood press Place of Publication: New York Pp: 311 Reviewed by Aminullah This quality research work is based on the dissertation of author as his PhD in sociology from the state university of New York in Binghamton. Later this work was contributed to …

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Gandhi and the Partition of India

gandhi Partition of india

(Author: Kamran Shahid) Lahore: Ferozsons (Pvt) Ltd. Pages, 80. Reviewed by Saima Batool The book Gandhi and the Partition of India has been written by Kamran Shahid, who is presently teaching I.R in G.C. University Lahore. He did his Master of Research in International Relations and Contemporary Political Theory from …

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Partition and Pakistan


Name of Publication: Musaic books Place of Publication: Delhi Year: 2012  Pp: 280 Reviewed by Muhammad Anwar The book which is under review “Partition and Pakistan; Jinnah: the founder, British: the architect” is complement of Yuvraj Krishna’s earlier work “Understanding Partition“. “Understanding Partition” which portrays the picture that Muslims of …

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The Discovery of India

(Author: Jawaharlal Nehru) New Delhi: Penguin books, 2002. pp. 487 Reviewed by Muhammad Fayyaz The Discovery of India deals with the history of sub-continent since antiquity to present when the author was in jail during 1944. The book covers the whole past development in a single volume. The theoretical framework …

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India Wins Freedom

(Author: Abul Kalam Azad) Reviewed by Abdur Rahman India wins freedom is a political autobiography of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad beginning with the introduction of the government of India act 1935 by the British India and the events leading to the partition of the Subcontinent. It consists of 283 pages …

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Jinnah: India- Partition- Independence.

(Author: Jaswant Singh) New Delhi: Rupa & Co., 2009. Pages: 669. Reviewed by Azam Khan The book under review is about the history of India and Pakistan. The bulk of the book covers the history of Indian freedom movement during the twentieth century. The author also discusses the history Indian …

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Economic Factors in the making of Pakistan

(Author: Naureen Talha) Publisher Oxford University Press Pp: 220 Reviewed by Qammar Abbas This book is the PHD thesis of the author Naureen Talha. She has done her masters in Economics while she got her PHD degree from NIPS. With her background in economics the author has tried to trace …

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The Pathan Unarmed

Author: Mukulika Banerji Reviewed by Uzma The book under review which is written by an Indian author Mukulika Banerji, traces the origin and growth of one of the most significance nationalist movement of the Indian sub-continent, the Khudai khidmatgar (Servants of God), often called as the Red shirts. It was …

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