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Zhou Enlai visit to Pakistan

The Sino-Pakistan relations are always cordial and encapsulated by the bond of friendship and love ever since they had been established. The relations from economic, political and social perspectives are bound by the mutual feelings of love and respect. Pakistan recognized China on January 4, 1950 and established diplomatic relations with her. The initial relations developed into a bond of friendship. In this bond of friendship the Zhou Enlai’s visit to Pakistan stands as the most critical and important event which paved the way for further strengthening of relations between the two countries. The cooperation between China and Pakistan ranges from economic to military levels. China has helped Pakistan at every difficult juncture throughout the bilateral relationship of the two countries. In the 1965 war China helped Pakistan in the war against India. This momentous help by china grew seeds of love not only among the political cadre but also among the people of Pakistan. Pakistan also had the same feelings for the Chinese people. Pakistan helped china at the time of need. The jet which Pakistan gave to Chinese premier is still in the museum.


In February 1964, Premier Zhou Enlai visited Pakistan and in December Pakistani President Ayub Khan visited China. This visit by the Zhou Enlai to Pakistan was a series of tours of various Asian and African countries. The visits were most concentrated in the developing countries. But this tour of Zhou Enlai helped to further strengthen the Pak-China relation.  In this meeting there were various issues discussed. New agreements of cooperation were signed. It was decided that China will not fight a war against United States. Moreover, the two states would maintain friendly ties with the neighboring states. This visit by Zhou Enlai was helpful in the settlement of border disputes between China and Pakistan.  The arch enemies of Pakistan were also shocked when the cooperation between the two countries ware developed to these heights. China eyed at superpower status and it stands as the great power in the region of Asia. The progress which China made relates to its strengthening of economic base. One of the factors which became the cause of this meeting was the upcoming Bandung conference. At this instance Muhammad Ali Bogra and Zhou Enlai again met and agreed to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. The period from 1964 to 1971 was the most crucial because two wars were fought between India and Pakistan. Though China fully supported in the war of 1965 yet it remained neutral to some extent in the war of 1971. The diplomatic relations continues to flourish with time. It is typical about Pak-China relations that at the most crucial and dangerous times, they were further developed. As china was aiming for a status of great power in Asia and at world level the premier also visited various other countries in this scenario. But the most important visit was the visit to Pakistan which developed the foundation of a ‘special Relationship’ between Pakistan and China. In the modern complex and interdependent world the Pakistan-China relations are perfect epitome of peace and friendship.

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