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After the Second World War the polarization of the planet emerged into capitalist bloc led by United States and communist bloc led by USSR. Both were the expansionist powers and found that following the collapse of nearly all great powers had left them with a unique opportunity to dominate the ... Read More »

Common wealth

Introduction. Commonwealth is the name of an international organization. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of this organization. This organization can also be called as intergovernmental organization. It is sometimes called as an organization of “like-minded” peoples or an organization of peoples with a “common way of life.   Institutional ... Read More »

Korean War

Background Pakistan came into being after a long struggle of All India Muslim League and Muslims of the sub-continent. After the partition, Pakistan emerged as a new Muslim country on the map of the world. In 1950 after the three years of independence of Pakistan, South Korea was attacked by ... Read More »

Invitation from USSR during 1950s

Under the untiring struggle of Indian Muslims in the leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan emerged as an ideological Muslim State on the map of the world. The planning and implementation of partition had worst adverse impacts territorially, economically and militarily on Pakistan. Pakistan was in desperate need of military ... Read More »

Partition of Bengal (1905-1911)

The partition of Bengal was the most important event during the rule of Lord Curzon. It was carried out mainly for the convenience of administration. Bengal in those days was the biggest province of India extending over 1, 89, 000 square miles with a population of 80 million. It was ... Read More »

Simla Deputation (1906)

The Simla deputation proved a landmark in the history of modern India, because for the very first time the Hindu-Muslim conflict, which stared with the Urdu-Hindi controversy, was lifted to the constitutional plane. The Indians were not satisfied with the Indian council Act of 1892. Especially, the act failed to ... Read More »

Separate Electorates

Separate Electorates are that type of elections in which minorities select their own representatives separately, as opposed to Joint Electorates where people are selected collectively. When minorities fear that they would not get representation in state affairs and government then they demand separate electorates. Same was the case with the ... Read More »

Establishment of All India Muslim League

After the creation of the Indian national Congress and its time as a ‘representative’ party for the people of the Indian sub-continent, there was felt a need to reassess its claims at unbiased representation. From the very start of its existence the Congress had shown clear its interest to safeguard ... Read More »

Minto-Morley Reforms (1909)

By 1909, there was seen a great deal of political consciousness amongst the Indians. Similarly, political parties like Indian National Congress and All Indian Muslim League had emerged. By then, the British were much influenced and affected by these political parties. As previous reforms and acts did not meet the ... Read More »

Kanpur Mosque Tragedy (1913)

The U.P Government granted a total of two and half lack rupees to widen the roads of the Kanpur and to fulfill other welfare works. This scheme also included AB road. The widening of this road became a serious issue. The real problem was that if it were widened straight, ... Read More »

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