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Nadir Shah

Nadir shah also named as Nadir Quli was born in 1688 in Khusrasan (Afghanistan). He ruled Persia as shah of Iran; he was brought up in Turkoman tribe. He laid foundation of Afsharid Dynasty after becoming king of Persia. From his childhood he was brave, ambitious, and competitive kind of a person. Nadir shah was a military genius and sagacious ruler, he was known as a last Asian military conqueror. Before becoming king he was a chief military commander who used to provide military power to Safwid Dynasty which was ruling Persia at that time. When the government of ruling dynasty in Persia got weak nadir shah took full advantage of it and exterminated opposition in Iran and became king of Persia in 1736 when last ruler of Safwid dynasty shah Tahmasp died in 1736. He united the Persian Empire and made many conquests in order to increase the sphere of his empire. He ruled Persia for eleven years. Nadir Shah was fascinated by the people like Gengis Khan and Timur he adopted military ambitions like them and he was notoriously famous for his cruelty which he used to inflict upon his conquered subjects. His numerous campaigns added up and made great empire for him. He conquered Afghanistan, Isfahan, and launched expedition on Ottoman Empire. On 8th March 1736 Nadir Shah was proclaimed Shah of Iran, where he wanted to support Sunni Islam. The main highlight in Nadir Shah’s whole carrier was invasion of India. He invaded India in 1739 and took over Mughal dynasty which was ruling India at that time. It was a great opportunity for he him, he looted and plundered wealth of India and used that wealth in consolidating his empire. He inflicted great atrocities upon Indian natives this example is unprecedented in Indian history. When Nadir Shah attacked India he left his campaigns of Central Asian and Ottoman Empires, but after Indian campaign he resumed his campaigns of these regions in 1740’s. Nadir Shah in order to consolidate his empire united his army but was not able to sustain the economy of his Empire. With the passage of time his atrocities and cruelties escalated, and his empire went through many rebellions and revolts. In spite of the fact he crushed those revolts ruthlessly, this effort of his went in vain because he was not able to sustain his empire in the end. In 1747 he went to Khusrasan to eliminate dissidents over there, his officers there (who were really insecure due to his brutal behavior) were afraid that he is going to execute them as well. So, they plotted against him to kill him. On 19th June 1747 he was killed in Fattah bad at Khusrasan. He was succeeded by his nephew Ali Quli named Adil Shah he was involved in Nadir Shah’s assassination. After his death his empire fell into anarchy, many independent provinces were formed and Persian Empire was taken over by Zand dynasty. Nadir Shah possesses an important position in history as a heroic figure.

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