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Mansehra district is situated in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa it is the second largest in the province one of many beautiful districts of Pakistan it has a huge population the district is an old place where there are settlements dated back to medieval times there were many civilizations before the introduction of Islam there was Buddhism and Hinduism before Islam. The people are very friendly and are very good at hospitality. The population consists mainly young people nearly half the population is below 20 years the people of Mansehra focus on getting education with a overwhelming majority of Male population getting education whereas this trend of getting educated is less in Female population.


Joint family system is dominated in the Mansehra district where elders have the authority of taking decisions they have the right to veto for and thing they don’t think is right and it is mandatory for younger ones to respect elders. There are very strong family ties between the families and neighbors who are considered as family members the people are generally simple people they have simple eating habits they mostly eat maize, wheat and rice. The houses are made of stone and clay but now there is a shift to making cemented houses mainly because the people who belong from this place move to urban places and when comeback they bring the urban culture with them which is reflected in the changing trends of the district.


There are a number of things in Mansehra district which makes it unique from other s it is famous for its historical places and beauty one of the most beautiful place is Kaghan which is famous for its pleasant weather and beautiful scenery. There are 3 beautiful lakes also Lulusar, Duduputsar and SaifulMaluksar. The area is surrounded by huge mountains tall trees and beautiful lakes.


The people of Mansehra speak a different language which includes Pushto, Gojri, Hindko and Kashmiri. The majority areas speak Hinko Gojri and Pushto whereas Urdu is understood throughout the district. A small majority of population speaks Kashmiri and Kohistani mostly by the people who inhabited from these areas to Manshera.


Mansehra is better developed than others in the province there is proper transport system people from neighboring areas come here to go to other places basically it serves as a bridge from travelling to other areas.


Mansehra has breathtaking beauty but unfortunately it is located at a very vulnerable location which is prone to several natural disasters the earthquake of 2005 nearly destroyed the whole city thousands of people died in the disaster and there was of billions and natural disaster was flood of 2010 which also affected the city rehabilitation is done bringing the lives of many back to normal lives back to normal.


The source of income for most of the population is through agriculture the residents own their own land mostly the population consists of land lords who grow vegetables and fruits some portion of people are also employed under government sector and other private organization working there.


The district of Mansehra is also known for its ecology there are beautiful trees and is greenery everywhere the land is also a pace of different animals such as monkeys but unfortunately the people are creating some problems for themselves over cultivation is done by the locals due to which the trees are been cut in a large number which is effecting the beauty of the place another problem been faced is the lack of irrigation due to which the soil is not producing the desired output needed to fulfill the need of locals the area is largely dependent on rain for irrigation and other uses.


The people of Mansehra are fond of sports the mostly  played sports include horse riding, polo, shooting are the most popular among all sports other traditional sports which are occasionally played include wrestling, cock fighting ,ram fighting ,hunting with the help of dogs and hiking. Polo is the traditional game and very large crowds come to see the Shandoor festival in the mid of summers. There is a special thrill for ski divers and hikers.


The political system is some way or other dominated by the tribes present they have a major influence on the people they give votes to the tribes that dominate the major affairs and support each other because of the fact that they belong from the same place this favoritism is also done when giving jobs the people are preferred over others so in one way or other they return back to the society.


There are some problems present in different aspects of life for example the rate of education of women is very low they are not allowed to study which is a big reason of backwardness of the district as half the population consist of women secondly the area is underdeveloped as compared to other districts the basic necessities of life are not in reach of many example is of electricity which is not coming mostly same is the case with natural gas it is also not widely available people cut trees to burn fire which leads to deforestation effecting the beauty of the place thirdly there are not many universities  present locals have to travel hundreds of kilometers to get education one other big problem as mentioned earlier is the unpredictable climate of the region as we know that a large scale destruction has already been caused two or three times 2005 earthquake and 2010 floods which caused huge destruction unfortunately not enough steps are taken to avoid such disasters and avoiding loss of life’s of many.


To conclude the thing I would recommend to visit this beautiful place an artistic piece of work by the creator of the world at least once the people are very friendly and are known for their hospitality there should be more developmental projects so that this place could turn in a revenue generating place I am sure tourists would love the place and would like to visit again.

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