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Khizr Khan

On the death of Muhammad Tughluq, the throne of Delhi was occupied by Daulat khan Lodhi, who governed the country for about two years. In 1414, he was defeated by Khizar Khan, who was governor of Multan at the time of Taimur’s invasion and had been appointed by him as a governor of Lahore. After the defeat of Dualat Khan, Khizar Khan became the king of Delhi. For nearly fifteen years after the invasion of Timur there was no regular Sultan’s government at Delhi. From 1414 to 1450 A.D. Khizar Khan and his three successors administered Delhi and the territory adjoining to it. The dynasty founded by him is known as the Sayyid dynasty, but his claims to be the descendent of the Prophet of Arabia were dubious and rested chiefly on its casual recognition by the famous saint Jalal-ud-din of Uch. Secondly, Khizar khan was a pious, generous and truthful man these are the excellences of the Prophet’s character that was the reason he was considered as Sayyid. The history of the period is a record of numerous raids to collect revenue or tribute and of futile attempts to subjugate the kingdom of Jaunpur in the east.


Khizar Khan’s rule united the Punjab with Delhi. In his seven year rule Khizar Khan attacked the Raja of Etawah four times. Those of Katehar and Gwaliar thrice and several fief holders once or twice. The Khokars from the north Punjab frequently raided the territory of Delhi, he suppressed them. He also defeated the Rajput Etawah and compelled him submit again to the Delhi government. Apart from that, in 1421, the rebels of Mewat were crushed and the ruler of Gwaliar was forced to pay the tribute. He also crushed the rebellions of Khar, Kambila and Sakit in 1414 A.D. Khizar Khan died on his way to Delhi from Gwaliar. After his death his son Mubarak Khan ascended the throne of Delhi.



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