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Interim Government (1946-47)

On September 2, 1946 interim government of India was established and it had the task of assisting the transition of British rule to Indian people. It remained in place till the independence of both nations. The Viceroy Executive Council served as the executive branch of interim government.  Although it was originally headed by the Viceroy of India, it was transformed into a council of ministers with the powers of a Prime Minister bestowed on the vice president of the Council, a position held by the Congress leader Jawaharlal Nehru. With the exception of the Viceroy, who would hold only a ceremonial position, and the commander in chief of Indian army all members should be Indians. Senior Congress leaders held second most senior position upon joining the interim government. They got home ministry, department of education, art, labour, food, agriculture, industries, railways and transport. On the other hand Muslim League got department of finance post and air in the interim government.

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