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Custody of Gwadar 1958

Gwadar is a port city on the Arabian sea in costal Baluchistan .Gwadar is situated on the southwestern Arabian sea  on a natural hammerhead shaped peninsula namely Gwadar West Bay and Gwadar East Bay.Gwadar is largely fiat baleen land with two hills Koh-e- Batil and Koh-e-mehdi.Koh-e-batil maximum height is 449ft at the head of the hammerhead peninsula and that of Koh-e-Mehdi height is 1,112ft to the east of the city Gwadar is a port city on the Arabian  ea in costal Baluchistan .F or many centuries Gwadar was under the control of various regional and colonial states and science 1958 it has been under the  administration of Pakistan .


Strategically gwadar is located at the apex of the Arabian Sea and at the mouth of the Gulf of Oman. The city is merging as a trade hub and a transit Chinese oil and timber imports and transshipments. The Gwadr is one of the few plane cities in Pakistan like Faisalabad, Jauharabad nd Islamabad. The district was divided in to sub –divisions for administrative purpose, namely Gwadar and Pasni.These sub divisions are further divided in to tehsil and sub –tehsils.Gwadar Sub-division have two tehsils named Gwadar and Jiwani, and other sub tehsil named Suntsar .Pasni Sub-division is divided in to two tehsil Pasni and Omara .The 600 kilometers long coast line and un-irrigated tracks of Kulanch and Dansht valleys, has always been an important chapter of Makran history.


In pre Islamic era the inhibition of Gawdar and the most area of Baluchistan appear to b ancient .The area show the inhibition of Bronze Age people where settlements existed around some of the area’s oases. Later the name of area become Makran because the people of this area were known to Moka or Maka  so by this way later the name become Makran .Then the Persian Empire conquered this area. The founder of Persian Empire in that time was Cyrus the Great who conquered this region.  Then after the collapse of Alexander’s empire the area was ruled by Seleucus Nicator .The area come under their rule about 303 BCE.


Then in 711 CE Muhammad bin Qasim captured Gwadar and then the interval of time the area come under various powers  ,including the Mughals from east and safavid from the west .Until  the Arab Muslim Armay  of Muhmmad bin Qasim captured he town of Gwadar in 1711 CE and over the intervening  and the amount of time the area as contested by various powers ,including Mughls (from the east) and the sfavids (from the west).so this era was considered as Islamic era of Islamic rule in the history of Gwadar .In 1581 the Portuguese  captured ,sacked and burnt Gwadar .,


Gwadar In this era was called the Centuries of local rule in by various Baloch tribes and followed by almost two centuries .In 15150s according to Ottoman Admiral Sayed Ali Reas in the inhibition of Gwadar were Bloch and their chief was Malik Dinar. In  1783 the khan of kalat  defeated the ruler of Muscat nd continue his rule in Gwadar by appointing a wali (governor) and the wali was ordered to subjugate the nearby coastal town .The Gwadar fort was built during Omani rule.


Pakistan purchased Gwadar from Oman for 3 million dollars on 8september 1958 I and Gwadar officially become part of Pakistan that time Gwadar was a small and under developing village with a population of few thousand .Before his Gwadar was a part of Oman   In I july 1977 Pakistani government integrated Gwadar in to Baluchistan as District headquarters of the newly formed Gwadar District. The Pakistani government in 2002 make Gwadar port project by this project main aim was to built industrial complexes and connect the town via modern high way to the rest of Pakistan so by this way the Pakistan government developed Gwadar in 1993, into a major port city with a deep sea port and connected with Pakistan’s highway and rail networks. The first phase had been completed by the end of 2004


To making a modern sea port the first phase was completed in December 2005 and the construction was stared from 22 December 2002.Gwadar port become operational in December 2009.stategically Gwadar is very important location between the oil rich Middle East, heavily populated south Asia and economically emerging region of central Asia . The Gwadar port opened in spring 2007 by the Pervez Mushraf in the presence of Chinese communication Ministr Li shnghin, and the port become an operational in 2008, the first ship to dock bringing 52000 tons of hat from Canada .Commrcially,it is hoped that the Gwadar port garneted billions of dollars in revenues and create at least two million jobs .In 2007 the government of Pakistan handed over port operation to PSA Singapore for 25 years and give the status of tax free for 40 years. The population of Gwadar according to 1998 census was 178989 of which 93% were Muslims with minority of Hindus; the population was estimated to be over 250000 in 2005.

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