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Chaudhry Fazal Elahi

Chaudhry Fazal Ellahi fifth president of Pakistan was born on 1, January 1904 in Malala village near Kharian. He belongs to an influential Gujjar family of Gujrat District in Punjab. He recieved his early education from his hometown and later he attended the fascinating Aligarh Muslim University in1920. He recieved his LLB in Civil Law in 1924. He later attended Punjab University Post Graduate School in law and Political Science. He recieved his M.A in Political Science in 1925 and LLM in Law and Justice in 1927. He, after completing his education settled in Lahore, but later went back to Gujrat and started practicing the civil law. In 1930, he participated in Indian general election for Gujrat District and was elected unopposed.


In 1942, he became the member of Muslim League. In 1945, he was elected as a president of Muslim League from Gujrat District. In 1946, he was elected from Muslim league’s tickets and played an important role to spread the ideas of his party among people. After Independance of Pakistan he took part in new government. He was appointed as a parlimentary secretary and later appointed as Education and Health Minister in 1951. He call in the election of the Punjab Legislative Assembly on the ticket of Muslim League and elected as a member of Punjab Assembly. In 1952 he represented Pakistan in United Nations. In 1956, he was elected as member of West Pakistan Assembly. He was its speaker from 20th May 1956-October 7, 1958. In 1956 when Ayub Khan announced elections he was elected as Deputy opposition leader of House because of his experiance and knowledge about Parlimentary proceedings.


In 1970, he was elected as a member of National  Assembly on Pakistan Peoples Party’s ticket. He strive for the presidential election in 1972 against Khan Amirzadah Khan of NAP and all opposition parties. At that time Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was  the head of PPP and President of  Pakistan. He was made Prime Minister of Pakistan than he presented the constitution of 1973. After the declaration of the new constitution he was elected as a president of Pakistan with less power than Prime Minister according to the constitution of 1973. Prior to that President had an authority to appoint Prime Minister. He remained the President of Pakistan till 1978.


After his resignation Military took control of the country under General Zia-ul-Haq. He wa died on 2 June, 1982. General Zia-ul-Haq respected him and visited him on his death bed. His family since than was taken an active role in politics.


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