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1526-1707 Mughal Empire pph

Zaheeruddin Babar

Zaheer ud din Muhammad Babur is known as founder of the Mughal dynasty which ruled Indian Empire for almost one hundred and fifty years and won many laurels in various domains of life.  Zaheer_ud Din Muhammad Babur, surnamed “Babur”  was born in 1483 to Omer Shaikh Mirza ( Fifth in ... Read More »

Nasiruddin Humayun

Humayun “the Fortunate” was the eldest son of Babur.He had three brothers, kamran,askari and Hindal. He was born in  Kabul in March 1508. He was the son of Mahim Begum who was probablya Shia.Young Humayun learnt Turki,Arabic and Persian. On account of his careless habits, he did not acquire the ... Read More »

Sher Shah Suri

Sher Shah was one of the greatest administrator and rulers of the medieval India. The original name of Sher Shah, the lion king, was Farid. He was the grand son of Ibrahim Sur and the son of Hussain. His grandfather came to Indiain search of employment in the time of ... Read More »

Jalaluddin Akbar

Akbar, the great was one of the most eminent rulers of Indian history. He was one of the two greatest and of course the most controversial personality along with Aurangzeb. Both are variously held responsible for the downfall of the Mughal Empire.   Akbar came to the throne in 1556 ... Read More »

Nooruddin Jahangir

Jahangir was the son of many prayers. Akbar wanted a heir to succeed him, he not only prayed to God but also begged of the blessings of saints to have a son. All previous children of the emperor having died in their infancy, ultimately, a son was born in August, ... Read More »

Shah Jehan

Shah Jahan was one of the four sons of Jahangir.His original name was Khurram, born on January, 1592, at Lahore from a Hindu mother, daughter of Raja Udai Singh of Mewar. He was brought up under the care of Akbar’s childless wife Ruquiah Begum. While very young, he could be ... Read More »

Aurangzeb Alamgir

Aurangzeb had proved himself a capable commander and administrator as a prince. He was certainly a successful military strategist and practical statesmen than his brothers who contended against him for the throne that gave him success against all of them.   Aurangzeb, the third son of Shah Jahan, was born ... Read More »

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