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Search for Alternatives: 1962-1971

Pakistan-china boundary agreement 1962

The Sino-Pakistan boundary agreement finalizing the border between Pakistan and China was signed in March 1963. This agreement became quite controversial owing to Indian refusal to acknowledge it because she also asserts sovereignty over some of the areas. Besides this controversy, the agreement changed the regional balance by bringing Pakistan ... Read More »

Indo-China War 1962

India and China are considered the oldest civilizations in Asia. Both nations have enjoyed great relations for many years with each other. The people of both countries had cordial relation with each other as well.  In 1949, India became the second country to recognize China which proved to be another ... Read More »

Bhutto Swaran Singh talks 1962

There is a considerable amount of truth in the statement that the Kashmir issue has always been an obstacle in the way of peaceful and brotherly relations between Pakistan and India. Historically speaking, Kashmir was a predominantly Muslim state under the rule of Hindu Maharaja. However, it failed to cede ... Read More »

Zhou Enlai visit to Pakistan

The Sino-Pakistan relations are always cordial and encapsulated by the bond of friendship and love ever since they had been established. The relations from economic, political and social perspectives are bound by the mutual feelings of love and respect. Pakistan recognized China on January 4, 1950 and established diplomatic relations ... Read More »

Ayub’s Visit to China

On February 9th it was announced that President Ayub Khan would visit China. On 2nd march 1965 President Ayub khan with his officials takes off to China on eight day visit. During his visit a joint communiqué was issued on 7th March in which the matters of common interests were ... Read More »

President Ayub’s Visit to U.S.S.R

Relations between U.S.S.R. and Pakistan have seen a lot of ups and down during the first decade after Pakistan’s independence. This period is vitally crucial in the sense that the world had divided into two blocs, communist led by soviet union and capitalist led by United States of America. The ... Read More »

Indo-Pak War of 1965 and Superpowers

‘Force enters when diplomacy is exhausted’, says Z.A Bhutto in The Myth of Independence. The reality of this quotation is evident from the 1965 War between India and Pakistan when the issues and apprehensions got out of diplomatic premise. The event had far-reaching impacts on South Asia and one can ... Read More »

Tashkent Declaration 1966

After independence from the British rule, India remained a constant threat to security of Pakistan as the congress leadership started about reversing the partition very soon. India illegally captured numerous areas of Pakistan by hook or by crook and one of those disputed areas was the state of Kashmir. The ... Read More »

Arab-Israel war 1967

Arabian Peninsula went under chaos and disintegration after the collapse of Ottoman Empire in first decade of twentieth century. It culminated into several smaller states and Britain in Paris Peace Conference of 1919 was assigned to tame the Arabs for democracy meanwhile she could extract rich oil resources of this ... Read More »

First OIC Conference

The first summit of OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) was held in Rabat (Morocco) in 1969 following the world-wide resentment of the Muslims over the burning of the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. The Israeli chauvinists burnt the holy place of Muslims, which offended Muslims. So, all the Muslim countries ... Read More »

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