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Back to the American Block: 1979-1988

Afghan Jihad

A Brief Introduction to the Pak-Afghan Relations: Afghanistan is the only country which voted against Pakistan membership of the United Nation in 1947. The two countries had tensed relations with each other’s for almost quarter of a century but tensions were kept under control. During the wars of 1965 and ... Read More »

Iran-Iraq War (1980-88)

Iran and Iraq entered into a period of war stretching over 1980-88, basically known as the Persian Gulf War. The war which was initiated by Iraq, brought in its wake colossal damages for the bellicose neighbors viz, the war cost enormous lives and material things too. The idea of plunging ... Read More »

SAARC (1981)

The term SAARC stands for “ The South Asian Association for Regional Co-orporation”. At the 13th  Saarc summit meeting held on 12th -13th November 2005, Saarc membership was expanded due to the participation of Afghanistan. The purpose of making Saarc was to bring together the South Asian nations as a ... Read More »

Sir Creek

Sir  creek  issue  basically  water  disputed between Pakistan and India  in  Rann  of  kutch  60 mi long. This flows the Arabian Sea. It  divides  kutch  region  of  India  state  Gujarat , Sindh  region  of  Pakistan. It is situated almost 23 58N 68 48E. Sir  Creek  was  requested  to  solve  the  ... Read More »

Siachen conflict

The Himalaya known as “Abode of the Gods” is situated to the north of Pakistan and extended towards China and India. Siachen is situated on that unique mountain environment. It is the world’s longest mountain glacier. It is also the source of water for the entire country.   This world ... Read More »

Indian’s Plan to Attack on Kahuta 1984

South Asia is considered as one of the most explosive region in the world where two nuclear powers are situated. There is a continuing hostility between the two nuclear powers and had fought three wars but there is still a potential threat of future atomic war between the two powers ... Read More »

Cricket Diplomacy

Definition: The use of cricket as a political tool to enhance or worsen the diplomatic relations between two cricket playing nations is called cricket diplomacy. Cricket is used as a political tool to bridge the gap in the diplomatic vacuum between two cricket playing nations. Cricket is a popular game ... Read More »


The term ECO stands for Economic Co-operation Organization. It came into being when the original members of the RCD met at Islamabad in 1990, to improve the Treaty of Izmir. The RCD was reborn and converted into ECO. Now the political and economic pattern of the former RCD countries that ... Read More »

Brasstack Crisis 1986-87

The distrust between Pakistan and India dates back to the days of the partition that was accompanied by a communal war of succession. Killing and maiming of hundreds of thousands is evidence enough to support the assertion. But the issue of disputable annexation of the princely heightened the existing trust ... Read More »

Geneva Accord

The year 1988 was a turning point in the world politics. In this year a disastrous decade came to an end that caused much bloodshed and destruction in Afghanistan and threatened the security of Pakistan. Geneva Accord has a very significant role in changing the political scenario of the world. ... Read More »

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