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Islamization under Zia (1977-1988)

When Zia-ul-Haq took the power in his hands, there was a popular conception that every government paid only lip service to Islam and no sincere effort was ever made in this direction; the ruling class had rather resisted the enforcement of Islam. General Zia was aware of such feelings. So, ... Read More »

Measures taken by Ayub Khan

1: Rehabilitation of peace:- In the absence of any effective governmental authority, the law and order situation was deteriorating throughout the country. Therefore, the first priority of military government was to check the criminal activities within the boundaries of the state; special military cells were established in order to facilitate ... Read More »

Constitution of 1962

After the military coup of 1958, Ayub Khan waited for some time with the intention of paving public opinion in his favour. A legislative commission was established under the leadership of Justice Shahaab-ud-din. The commission forwarded a report on 6th May 1961. Justice Manzoor Qadir designed and drafted the entire ... Read More »

Benazirs First Regime

Benazir Bhutto, the first woman prime minister of a modern Muslim state. Although she inherited her father’s party, the PPP, and, beneficiary of dynastic politics and of the emotional ties of a large section of the electorate to her charismatic family has proven to be a mixed political blessing and ... Read More »

Karzai agrees to visit Islamabad

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is expected to visit Pakistan on Aug 26 to rebuild Kabul’s frayed ties with Islamabad and for talks on resuscitating the peace process with the Taliban. A source in the Afghan presidency told Dawn that Mr Karzai would travel to Pakistan on Aug 26. Afghan Foreign ... Read More »

Early Cultures

Not long ago, it seemed that South Asian history began at a singular moment in the second millennium BCE, when the oldest known texts, the Vedas, were composed. A clear, continuous stream of cultural tradition once seemed to flow from Vedic to modern times, allowing modern scholars to dip into ... Read More »

Unnecessary Indian allegations to undermine peace efforts: Nisar

Pakistan Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said that unnecessary Indian allegations would undermine the peace efforts between two countries.   Nisar severally criticized New Delhi for accusing Pakistan Army of attacking Indian troops 5 kilometer inside the boundary line. He mocked the Indian allegations as to how the ... Read More »

Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi attacked by Congress Youth Wing

 The youth wing of the ruling Congress party in India attacked the Pakistan High Commission here on Wednesday.   Members of the youth wing protesting against the alleged killing of five Indian soldiers by Pakistani forces at the Line of Control (LoC) tried to enter the Pakistan High Commission. The ... Read More »

Alexander’s Invasion

India is no new-discovered land. At a time when our little island was still unknown, still lost in the cold grey mists of the ocean, ships sailed from India’s sunny shores, and caravans wound through the sandy deserts laden with silks and muslins, with gold and jewels and spices. For ... Read More »

Lahore – In its modern face

New constructed part of lahore

Lahore once called “the Paris of the east” still stays the center of attraction for everyone especially in the past few years. The present day Lahore is divided into three regions. The old city existed for at least a thousand years and is situated in and around the circular road. ... Read More »

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