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Rahim Yar khan


Rahim Yar Khan is a city in Province Punjab, Pakistan. This city is named after one of the relatives of Nawab of Bahawalpur. Its earlier name was “Naushehra” Rahim Yar Khan District has a population of 4.4 million. This is one of the top districts of Pakistan in Agricultural produce and number one district on the basis of revenue return. There are 4 Tehsils in District RahimYar Khan ;( 1) RahimYar Khan, (2) Sadiq-Abad, (3) Khanpur & (4) Liaqatpur.



A little history about this city. Mohammad Bin Qasim passed through this area onward to Multan in 93-94 A.H. About 800 years back. Shahab-u-Din Ghouri conquered Uch Sharif, which at that time was capital of Sindh & Multan, and he established Islamic Government in this area after Mohammad Bin Qasim.


In the reign of Shams-ud-Din Altamash, for a period of twenty years this area was under rebel. Amir “Nasir-u-Din Qabacha” who established 1000 seats “Madarassa Ferozia” in Uch. Students from all Muslim countries enrolled in this “Madarassa”.


Before independence Mr. Nehru and Mr. Patel tried to persuade Nawab Muhammad Sadiq Abbasi to join India but he refused all temptations.


A very important significance this city has is because of the sheiks. Al-Nayhan Family, the ruling family of Abu Dhabi, has undertaken a large number of welfare projects in the city.the sheikhs were known to come specially to rahim yar khan for hunting. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahiyan Desert Hawk, former President of the UAE constructed and maintained a private residence just outside the city called ‘Desert Palace’ or Abu Dhabi Palace. It is linked with the Sheikh Zayed International Airport Rahim Yar Khan through a designated road which leads directly into the palace.


Location and Travel

Rahim Yar Khan is one of the modern district headquarter cities in Punjab. Although the city seems a far off place to those living in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad, but the city has very good civic facilities. Today Rahim Yar Khan City is the District Headquarter. It is linked by air the other parts of the country. It is situated on the main Railway line and national highway linking Karachi, Lahore & Peshawar. Now Daewoo also links Rahim Yar Khan to other cities.



Sheikh Zayed Medical College is named after the Late Ruler of United Arab Emirates His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Establishment of Sheikh Zayed Medical College in the city has put the city on International map. The College is accredited by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. It was earlier based on Self finance Education Scheme. The Board of Directors includes personnel linked to the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Also there is sub-campus of Islamia University Bahawalpur, Khawaja Farid Post-Graduate Government College, Government Women Degree College, Nicaas College, Punjab College, Superior College, Sheikh Zayed Public College and School, Army Public School, Beacon House School System, The Educators School, Ranger Public School, City School and many other good schools.



Rahim Yar Khan is also an industrial centre many important industries are based in Rahim Yar Khan. This city is known as one of the largest producers of cotton Agriculture is the Occupation of 65% People Living in Rahim Yar Khan.  Well known Lever Brothers Ltd. (Now Called Unilever) has one of its main factories in Rahim Yar Khan, producing Dalda, Planta, Sunflower Oil, famous brands like Lux-Rexona and Detergents like Surf-Excel etc. Similarly, a very large Ahmad Oriental Textile, Ahmad Fine Textile, Ahmad Oil & Ghee mills, Poultry feed mills like Hamalia feeds, Coca-Cola Factory, Haleeb Foods Limited, Vita Bread Limited, Marble Factories, Ginning Factories,  Flour mills provide an industrial base. Etihad Sugar Mills is the new addition in the industrial base of Tehsil Rahim Yar Khan.coco cola also has one of its factories in rahumyarkhan.many fertilizer plants are located near the city.


People and Culture

People from different ethnicities and and race live in rahimyarkhan but it has a Punjabi majority .many languages are spoken like Riyasti ,Urdu ,Sindhi ,Baluchi .this city has a very rich culture. The major tribes in the city area are the Arain Jat, Rajput and Gujjar. Wheat is the staple food grains of this area. Kabaddi is liked and played almost in all urban and rural areas of the districts. Besides, hockey, badminton, football, tennis, cricket, lawn tennis are played.


Rahim Yar Khan city has famous bazaars like Sadiq Bazar, Bano Bazar and Shahi Bazar having shops comparable to Anar-Kali, Bano Bazar and Liberty in Lahore. It is a good place for shooping for women.this city is known to have rich residents. Brands like baraze.nihsat, junaid jamshed .stylo all are located in the city. It also has many places for food like café lamis.this also attracts people from other tehsils like sadiqabad.a few prominent fertilizer company are also situated near the city .people from these townships came for shopping specially to rahimyarkhan.

The people over there are conservative. It has not yet become modern like many other cities of Pakistan,



The climate of the Rahim Yar Khan is extremely hot and dry in the summer season while in winter the city is quite pleasant and is usually cold and dry. The summer season is reasonably longer than the winter season. The summer begins in the month of April and carries on until the month of October while the winter season starts from November to March. On the other hand, the month of March and November are agreeable here. Dust storms are quite common throughout the summer. The average rain fall in this city is about 100 millimeters.


Flora and Fauna

The flora of the district characterizes two major ecological divisions, northern and southern. The botanical life found in the northern half is like that of the rest of the irrigated tracts at central Punjab.


The arid land, referred to as the Cholistan desert, has a lot of wild life including Wild cats, the Chinkara deer, a variety of pigs, jackals, foxes, badgers, porcupines, squirrels, gerbils, wild rats, poisonous snakes, hog deer, blue bulls and many more.

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