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Muhammad Ghuri

Sultan Shahab -ud -din Muhammad also known as, Muizzuddin Muhammad Bin Sam, was born in 1162. He was the younger brother of Ghiasuddin and son of Sultan Bahaudin Suri of Ghure. After Mahmud of Ghazni the next invader in India was Muhammad Ghori.  He belonged to the Ghorid dynasty which replaced the Ghaznavids in Afghanistan. After the death of Mahmood Ghaznovi, he was the first Turkish who invaded India; after a long period of 150 years. He laid the foundation for Muslim rule in India and his slave Qutb -ud -din Aibak became the founder of the first Turkish rule in India.


He remained loyal to his elder brother Ghiyas-ud-din and helped him in his invasions until his death in 1202 AD. At that time at the west of Afghanistan there was strong empires so Muhammad Ghuri turned his attention toward East. Shahab-ud-din Ghori`s first invasions were on the Muslim states of Multan and the fortress of Ouch. In 1181, he attacked on Lahore and successfully ended the Ghaznavids Empire, bringing the remaining territory under his control. He fought the first battle of Tarain in 1191 against Raja Prithviraj Chauhan; the most powerful raja of India. In the second battle of Tarain, in 1192 Ghuri defeated raja Prithviraj and the victory paved the way for Ghori to push Muslim rule further in India. The other Rajas were not much strong to defend their rule against Ghuri’s strong military and power. With in a period of one year Ghuri get control of northern parts of India and marched to Delhi. The Kingdom of Ajmer was t given over to Golā, on condition that he would send regular tributes to the Ghurids.


After the death of Ghiys-ud-din he established the rule of the Ghuri dynasty in Afghanistan. Due to heavy taxes they became quite unpopular among their local people. This forced Muhammad Ghori to search out new sources of income and diverts the attention of Ghori towards the invasion of India, which was the richest neighboring country.


In 1206, Ghauri had to travel to Lahore to crush a revolt. On his way back to Ghazni, his caravan rested at Damik in Jhelum district of Punjab province in modern-day Pakistan. He was assassinated while offering his evening prayers by a small band of Hindu Khokars.The murderer killed him so brutally that there were 22 wounds on his body. As per his wishes, Ghauri was buried where he fell.


In 1173 AD Shahab-ud-Din Ghuri finally brought an end of Ghaznavid Empire and established their dynastic rule. He had no son to succeed him as a ruler but had Turkish slaves. After his assassination, his Empire was divided amongst his slaves. In 1206 his most famous slave Qutb-ud-Din Aibek established Sultanat of Delhi and became Sultan. In 1210 AD Nasir-ud-Din Qabacha became the ruler of Multan. Tajuddin Yildoz became the ruler of Gazni.

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