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Measures taken by Ayub Khan

1: Rehabilitation of peace:- In the absence of any effective governmental authority, the law and order situation was deteriorating throughout the country. Therefore, the first priority of military government was to check the criminal activities within the boundaries of the state; special military cells were established in order to facilitate the masses in case of trouble and to take precautionary measures against the trouble mongers factors in the society. 2: Price Control:- The next step, which the military administration took, was the management of price control cells and bodies. During the times of democratic governments, there was no check over the prices of the daily commodities of life. Hoarding was very common. These factors were the primary source of inflation. The situation was aggravated by the excessive profits earned by the retailers. The military government printed price lists and made sure that no one could earn excessive profits by exploiting the needs of the consumers. 3: Check on Smuggling:- Identification of economic flaws and their rectification was one of the most high-pitched priorities of the military government. Smuggling was one of the monstrous issues that resisted the growth of country’s economy. Chittagong and Karachi Seaports had been used for smuggling since long. The role played by the politicians in burgeoning with such an evil should not be neglected. As soon as the military government took over, strict disciplinary actions were initiated against the smugglers; crackdowns were planned to seize the people involved in such notorious activities. 4: Settlement of the properties:- Since the independence of country, the issue of the abandoned properties could not be resolved. However, the issue was settled within a year after military takeover. 5: Rehabilitation of migrants:- When India was divided, a large number of people migrated from India to Pakistan. They reached Pakistan in a very poor condition. Quaid and Liaquat took keen interest in the rehabilitation of the immigrants on priority bases; however, the later rulers did not consider it important enough to take steps for their resolution. As soon as the military government was established, the rehabilitation ministry, under the supervision of Gen. Azam Ali, worked so rigorously that it came up with the settlement of majority of migrants in a very short time. Several housing societies were established to provide shelter to the migrants, Korangi being one of them.

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