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General Elections (1945-46)

After the failure of Simla conference Lord Wavell announced general and provincial elections after which constitutional making body was to be set up. Viceroy announced the formation of executive council with the support of both Muslims and Hindus parties. But both parties rejected the proposal. Quaid-i-Azam declared that Muslims were not ready to accept any settlement less than a separate homeland for them and the All India Congress Committee characterized the proposal as vague, inadequate and unsatisfactory because it had not addressed the issue of independence. Despite this, both parties launched election campaigns. Because they knew that the elections were essential for the future of India, as the results were to play an important role in determining their standing.

The League wanted to sweep the Muslim constituencies so as to prove that they were the sole representatives of the Muslims of India, while on the other hand Congress wanted to prove that they represent all Indians.  Both parties raised different slogans during whole election campaign. Congress tried to get support of all those parties who were against the Muslim League.

Elections for central legislature were held on December 1945 with the limited franchise. During these elections Congress won about 80 percent of the general seats and 91.3 percent general votes and Muslim League won all 30 reserved seats for Muslims. Provincial election held on 1946 results was not different. Muslim League won 95 percent seats for Muslims and Congress won all seats for non-Muslims.


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