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Hunza Valley Mountainous valley situated to the north of hunza river in gilgit baltistan is  known as hunza valley the world Renowned hunza valley is a heaven for tourists..the capital of hunza is karimabad ( Baltit ) ,Prince karim agha khan is the spiritual head of shia ismaili nizari community ... Read More »


Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, is a modern and well-planned city with a lot of natural beauty. Located in the foot hills of the Margalla Hills, the greenery is the biggest attraction for tourists visiting the city. In the last few years Capital Development Authority (CDA) has worked on ... Read More »

Chitral and Dir

Dir Dir is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. Its mountains, cultural heritage and development make it the best place for spending vacations. If you want to take a break from the daily routine and if you have a special interest in history then you should visit the ... Read More »

Around Islamabad

Once you are done with the tourist places in Islamabad, it is a good idea to move to the places which are close to the city. The residents of the capital city can take a day trip or less to the following places, which without any doubt are worth seeing. ... Read More »

Gilgit and Around

Dasu Location & Population: Dasu is a beautiful place that is located in the North-East of Islamabad up in the Northern areas of Pakistan. The distance between Islamabad and Dasu is 303 kilometers. The Dasu Tehsil is the district headquarters of the Kohistan District in the KPK region and consists ... Read More »


Lahore, the cultural capital of Pakistan, is considered to be the heart of the country. The city is a good combination of past and present, traditions and modernization, culture and hip hop. The city is full of historical monuments, museums, parks, shopping areas and modern architecture. A tourist might need ... Read More »


Skardu, Baltistan Skardu, being the largest district in the Northern Area, attracts travelers through its various breathtaking features. For a tourist, it may not be possible to explore this huge district from each and every aspect due to the race between perfect weather conditions and time. However, the capital town ... Read More »

Around Lahore

1) Hiran Minar Hiran Minar (Minaret regarding Antelope) is placed in a relaxing environments near Lahore with Sheikhupura, Pakistan. Hiran Minar is among the best known and the majority beautiful connected with such sites. It was once the preferred hunting spot for all Muslim rulers. Hiran Minar is actually 43 ... Read More »

Swat Valley

Swat valley is one of the major tourist attractions of Pakistan. It is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan, it has one of the oldest civilizations history and one of the beautiful scenery one could ever see.   Location: It lies between 34°-40′ to 35° N latitude and 72′ to ... Read More »


It is known to be the largest and metropolitan city of the world. The main seaport of Pakistan is situated in Karachi. It is the capital of Sindh province. The population of Karachi is estimated to be 23.5 million in 2013. The area of Karachi is 3527 km2. The world’s ... Read More »

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