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2008-12 Back to Square One pph

Asif Ali Zardari 11th President of Pakistan

Early life and education Asif Ali Zardari was born on July 26, 1955. He belongs to a Baloch tribe, set live in settled in Sindh. Hakim Ali Zardari and He is the only son of his father, Hakim Ali Zardari, who was the tribal chief of his clan. He received …

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Yousaf Raza Gillani (1952 – )

Yousaf Raza Gillani is a Seraiki of Iranian descent, and belongs to a prominent family of landowners and spiritual leaders in southern Punjab. His home town is the ancient Punjabi city of Multan, one of the oldest unbroken human settlements in the world   A seasoned politician descending from a …

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