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Political History

  • Annexation of the Punjab

    Annexation of the Punjab

    Raja Ranjit Singh established an independent Sikh kingdom in Punjab. But after his death in 1839, th...

  • Fatima Jinnah

    Fatima Jinnah

    Early Life: Fatima Jinnah was born in Karachi on 30th July 1893. Jinnah had seven siblings. Mohammad...

  • Tughlaq Dynasty

    The Tughlaq dynasty was a Turkic dynasty of Delhi sultanate, whose reign started in 1321 in Delhi wh...

Islami Jamhoori Ittehad

Islami jamhoori ittehad was founded by Ghulam Mustafa jatoi in 1988. this movement was leaded by Nawaz Sharif. It has headquarters in parliament lodges Islamabad. Its ideology was conservatism based and official color was Green. It was the largest Right wing conservative alliance formed in September 1988 to oppose the ... Read More »

Dr. Mubashar Hassan

Dr.Mubashar Hassan is a well-known academician and political figurehead who rose to prominence during Bhutto’s democratic interlude. Though a civil engineer by profession, yet he possesses great insight into the politics. The prevalent political environment during the last years of Ayub’s period and widespread economic disparities that were the outcome ... Read More »

Communal Awards

Under the Act of 1919, after every 10 years new reforms were to be introduced in India by the Indian British Government and for this purpose a commission was formed. The commission was called the Simon Commission that was headed by Sir John Simon. This commission was failed in its ... Read More »

Land reforms of Bhutto

Z. A. Bhutto swept the elections on the riding wave of socialism. In pursuit of the economic program, reforms began to be made to attain the end and the end was equality in economic terms and empowering the small farmers. Pakistan was an agriculturist country where majority of the population ... Read More »

1985 Elections

General Zia position was considerably strengthened by the referendum and he had become so confident that he then decided to hold general elections in the country. Thus on January 12, 1985, it was announced that elections for National and Provincial assemblies would be held on February 25, and 28, respectively. ... Read More »


Ayub Khan took over the body politic of Pakistan in 1958. He dominated the politics of Pakistan for almost a decade. Ayub Khan promulgated a new presidential constitution in 1962. Presidential elections were held in Pakistan on January 2, 1965.It was a memorable occasion as the it was year of ... Read More »

Ghulam Ishaq Khan

Ghulam Iskhaq Khan was the former President of Pakistan who served as the President of Pakistan since 1988 to 1993. He was the only President who had come from the Civil bureaucracy. He had previously served as the Chairman of the Senate, and as the Defence Secretary. Ghulam Iskhaq Khan ... Read More »

Government India Act of 1935

The Round Table Conferences could not achieve their objective and thus failed. However on the suggestions of Round Table Conferences white paper was issued in 1933 and efforts were started to make the constitution of India. A committee was setup under the chairmanship of Lord Linlithgow, the viceroy of India, ... Read More »

Benazirs First Regime

Benazir Bhutto, the first woman prime minister of a modern Muslim state. Although she inherited her father’s party, the PPP, and, beneficiary of dynastic politics and of the emotional ties of a large section of the electorate to her charismatic family has proven to be a mixed political blessing and ... Read More »

Nationalization under Bhutto

Nationalization is the term used when the government takes the control of anything that was ownned private previously. Nationalization was the policy that was implemented by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Bhutto according to his promise restored the economic order that was badly shaken by the war, attracted towards it. In the ... Read More »

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