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Political History

  • War of 1971 and the Birth of Bangladesh

    War of 1971 and the Birth of Bangladesh

    After the elections of 1970, situation in Pakistan turned into chaos and turmoil. The leaders of the...

  • Maurya Dynasty

    Maurya Dynasty

    The Maurya Empire was a geographically extensive Iron Age historical power inancient India, ruled by...

  • Constitution of 1973

    Constitution of 1973

    The constitution of Pakistan 1973 was enforced on 14th Aug 1973. It consists of 280 articles and 7 s...

Annexation of the Punjab

Raja Ranjit Singh established an independent Sikh kingdom in Punjab. But after his death in 1839, the political turmoil and instability that visited Lahore watered the British appetite to expand into the Punjab. In the absence of any capable leadership, a situation existed that was highly vulnerable to interference from ... Read More »

Feroz Khan Noon (1893-1970)

Sir Malik Feroz Khan Noon, the seventh elected Prime Minister of Pakistan was born at Lahore in 1893. He was an important politician during the Freedom Movement and a prominent figure after the independence of Pakistan and severed on many significant designations. He belonged to the Noon family which was ... Read More »

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