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1971-77 Experiment with Democracy dph

The Interim Constitution of 1972

The interim constitution was that provisional document adopted by the national assembly on 17th April and enforced on 21th April 1972 which provided the guideline for running the administration of the country till 14th Aug 1972 when the permanent constitution of 1973 became operational. The emergency declared by Yahya Khan ... Read More »

Z.A Bhutto as President of Pakistan

Z. A Bhutto sworn in as President and Chief Martial Law Administrator on December 20, 1971. Pakistan Peoples Party had won a landslide victory in the first general elections of the country in 1970 under his charismatic leadership but in West Pakistan only. The events that followed the general elections ... Read More »

Constitution of 1973

The constitution of Pakistan 1973 was enforced on 14th Aug 1973. It consists of 280 articles and 7 schedules with Objective Resolution forming the preamble of the constitution beside 20 amendments which have been made since then. It is regarded as the landmark accomplishment of Bhutto’s era as it was ... Read More »

Constitutional Amendments

Amendments in constitution are a necessity to bring it into line with needs of the changing times. These amendments and adaptations keep the sacred instrument afresh and up-to-date. Similarly, the constitution of 1973 that came into force on 14th August 1973 was amended seven times during Bhutto regime. However, most ... Read More »

Bhutto’s Economic Reforms

Bhutto and his party came to rule by clamouring socialist reforms for the poor and deprived classes of the state. ‘Rotti, Kapra aur Makkan’ was there frequently enchanted slogan. Bhutto’s economic policies were influenced by socialist ideas and promises to the removal of feudalism. Rapid industrialization created a gulf between ... Read More »

Land reforms of Bhutto

Z. A. Bhutto swept the elections on the riding wave of socialism. In pursuit of the economic program, reforms began to be made to attain the end and the end was equality in economic terms and empowering the small farmers. Pakistan was an agriculturist country where majority of the population ... Read More »

Nationalization under Bhutto

Nationalization is the term used when the government takes the control of anything that was ownned private previously. Nationalization was the policy that was implemented by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Bhutto according to his promise restored the economic order that was badly shaken by the war, attracted towards it. In the ... Read More »

Bhutto’s Nuclear Program

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was one of the rare political leaders who had natural instinct and broad vision to read the political situation vigilantly. Bhutto’s shrewdness and farsightedness led Pakistan towards the successful Nuclear Program. The pursuit of Nuclear Technology created hype in the political world especially in sub-continental region. When ... Read More »

Pakistan National Alliance

Pakistan National Alliance constituted of nine religious and political parties. It was formed in 1977 in which the alliances agreed to run as a single bloc to overthrow the rule of Prime Minister Zulfqar Ali Bhutto, the first elected leader of that country after the Martial law of Yahiya Khan. It was ... Read More »

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