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1857-1906 Establishment of Raj dph

Causes of the War of Independence

There were many causes of the War of Independence of 1857. They can be divided into political, religious, military, economic and social causes. The East India Company was aiming to annex all the states of India like Avadh, Tanjore, Jhansi, Satara, etc. That’s why they introduced systems like Doctrine of ... Read More »

War Of Independence (1857)

War of Independence is an important landmark in the history of Sub-Continent. This War was fought in 1857 by Indians against the British in order to get rid of their domination. It is also given names as Indian Rebellion, Indian Mutiny as well as Indian Revolt. The main causes of ... Read More »

Causes of the Failure of the War of Independence

  The majority of the Indian nationals fought bravely against the rule of the foreigner but failed in their bold attempts to overthrow the British Raj. The causes of this failure are many but the important ones are discussed as below.   The foremost cause was the sudden start of ... Read More »

Aftermath of the War of Independence

  The Indians suffered a disappointing and discouraging defeat while a glorious victory for the White men prolonged their rule. For the subjugated Indians repercussions were rather more severe. The Mughal rule came to an end with the dethroning of the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. He was arrested ... Read More »

Government of India Act 1858

The War of Independence 1857 was an event of great importance in the history of the Indian sub-continent. After this war the British policy towards Indians changed drastically, especially as far as constitutional development was concerned. For the purpose of addressing the grievances of the Indian population a new Act ... Read More »

Government of India Act 1861

The Indian Councils Act 1861 was introduced because the British Government wanted to involve the Indian people with the process of law making. This Act was passed on 1st August 1861. Its main provisions were as under: 1. The Executive Council of the Governor General was extended. It was decided ... Read More »

Urdu-Hindi Controversy (1867)

The Urdu language was born in India. India was considered to be a golden sparrow in terms of its fertile land and man power. That’s why lots of invaders came to occupy it for different purposes. It so happened that when these different people from different regions of the world ... Read More »

Aligarh Movement

As we know that, after the war of independence the condition of the Muslims of India were very miserable as the British fell more on the Muslims than on Hindus.  They considered that Muslims were responsible for all the wrongs and the war held just because of their harsh and ... Read More »

Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband

Background: When the Mughals decline started the east India Company emerge as the new political power in India. An active campaign of Christian missionaries was developing a serious threat to Islam in India and lastly the western education with the patronage of the government had completely ignored the Islamic learnings ... Read More »

Anjuman Himayat-i-Islam (1884)

The Punjab, which during period of Ghaznavi was known for its educational institutions, became extremely backward by the end of nineteenth century educationally. This was because in 1849, the English brought to an end the Sikh rule over the Punjab, annexed it and brought western educational system and established number ... Read More »

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