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1707-1857 Decline of the Muslim Rule dph

Battle of Plassey

The battle of Plassey was the most important and decisive battle fought between the British east India Company and Nawab of Bengal Siraj-ud-Daula that took place on June 23, 1757. The battle marks the inception of the English rule in India. The company’s forces under the command of Robert Clive ... Read More »

Battle of Buxer

The battle of Bauxer was a significant event in the history of India that proved beyond any doubt and was a demonstration of the British military superiority over the Indians. It strengthened the foundations of the company’s rule in India that was laid by the battle of Plassey. The battle ... Read More »

Nadir Shah’s Invasion

Nadir Shah’s invasion of India left the most tumultuous and destructive mark on the Mughal history of India. He invaded India in 1739. Nadir Shah known for his brutal and inhumane behavior inflicted irretrievable damage to Mughal rule. This invasion is marked as one of the colossal calamities of the ... Read More »

Third Battle of Panipat

Third battle of Panipat has great significance in the history of south-Asia, this battle occurred in the mid of 18th century. This battle was a colossal defeat for the Marathas which is unprecedented in Indian history. The time period in which this battle was fought is of great importance, because ... Read More »

Carnatic Wars

The Carnatic Wars refers to a series of military conflicts between the British East India Company and French East India Company along with the role played by the Nawab of Carnatic and the Nizam of Hyderabad. Three wars were fought between 1745 and 1763. The immediate result of these wars ... Read More »

Mysore Wars

Mysore was a small Hindu principality that had maintained its independence ever since the demise of the Vijaynagar kingdom. It, however, remained relatively small and unimportant until Hyder Ali came to the helm. When Carnatic was having continuous wars, Bengal was facing political instability, the circumstance were ripe for Mysore ... Read More »

Annexation of the Punjab

Raja Ranjit Singh established an independent Sikh kingdom in Punjab. But after his death in 1839, the political turmoil and instability that visited Lahore watered the British appetite to expand into the Punjab. In the absence of any capable leadership, a situation existed that was highly vulnerable to interference from ... Read More »

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