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Multan – City of Sufis

home of sufis

Multan is Pakistan’s third largest city by area and it is fifth largest by population. The city is located on the banks of the Chenab River in the geographic center of the country. Multan is known as the City of Sufis because of the large number of shrines and Sufi saints from the city. The city …

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Lahore – In its modern face

New constructed part of lahore

Lahore once called “the Paris of the east” still stays the center of attraction for everyone especially in the past few years. The present day Lahore is divided into three regions. The old city existed for at least a thousand years and is situated in and around the circular road. …

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The Ancient Lahore

The old part of lahore

The geographical area of Lahore that will be discussed in this assignment with respect to its cultural auspices is primarily considered to be the down town of Lahore. It comprises of places like Mazang, Ichra, Rehman Pura, Old Muslim Town, Samanabad and Chuburji. Primarily the people of this particular part …

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Jhelum – a mixed cultural city

River jehlum and its surrounded city culture

    Jhelum, a city on the right bank of the river Jhelum is situated in the province of Punjab in Pakistan. Surrounding this district are the districts of Rawalpindi, Mirpur, Gujrat etc. While traveling from south to north on GT road, the Jhelum city comes on the right side …

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Faisalabad – A sign of diverse culture

Faisalabad known for its diverse culture

Culture represents the behavioral patterns of a society that includes arts, traditions and beliefs. The norms and rituals that determine a culture are exclusive to a particular society and they differentiate one society from another. Therefore, people hold these traditions and values dear to their hearts as these depict who …

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Faisalabad – The largest industrial Zone

biggest industrail zone of faisalabad

Faisalabad is the largest industrial and metropolitan city of Pakistan. Faisalabad is quite diverse with respect to its culture. The culture of Faisalabad is quite diverse because it is an industrial city and people from all over Pakistan come to work here, few component of Faisalabad culture are as follow: …

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Cholistan Desert

Many of us might have heard about Cholistan desert and its surrounding areas but because of lack of knowledge we don’t know anything about this far flung region of Pakistan. Cholistan is a desert and almost is stretched upon an area of 26300 square kilometers. It is also connected to …

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Chiniot – Known for its wooden furniture

Chiniot is situated in centre of Punjab province on bank of river Punjab in Faislabad division. Boundaries are attached with Faisalabad, Jhang, Hafizabad and Sargodha. Chiniot was Tehsil of district Jhang and it was declared a separate district in February 2009. Chiniot is further divided in two Tehsil’s named as …

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Chakwal – a developed rural area

Chakwal is situated in Dhani region of Potohar in northern Punjab. Chakwal and surrounding areas are home to ancient Soan civilization and it has a very rich history. Chakwal region’s district capital is the city of Chakwal. Chakwal district has four Tehsils; Kalarkahar, Choha Saiden Shah, Chakwal and Talagang. For …

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Bahawalpur – 12th largest city of Pakistan

Bahawalpur is said to be the 12th largest city of Pakistan and is situated in Punjab. It was recognized as the capital of a princely state after the Durrani Empire declined. This princely state was founded by Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan-II in the early nineteenth century. Later on, Bahawalpur was …

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