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  • Karachi – The most largest

    Karachi – The most largest

    “The only thing constant in the world is Change”. It is a statement I have long heard but it seems v...

  • Nowshera – Centre of KPK

    The district of Nowshera is considered to be the most historical place and have a great significance...

  • Rawalpindi

    Rawalpindi is the 4th largest city of Pakistan. It is in Punjab province and located in Pothohar reg...

Abbottabad – The Most Literate

Abbottabad, the city of pines, is located in the Hazara region of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, in Pakistan. Abbottabad is also known as the City of Pines, as you can see a lot of pine trees everywhere in this city.   Location Abbottabad is located in the Orash Valley, 50 ... Read More »

Baltistan – Little Tibet

Despite the remoteness of the region, research has demonstrated that it appears to have been settled by numerous ethnic groups, arriving from different regions. It is said that the Aryan herdsmen came to this area from the north, the Buddhist came up the Indus, and the Tibetans came in from ... Read More »

Baltistan – Tibet e Khurd

Baltistan, situated on top of the world, is one of most astonishing beauties of nature. It is a place where one can see natural beauty instead of the artificial modifications done to other tourist locations. It is called the land of three ‘S’; sand, snow and sea. It is also ... Read More »


  Gilgit is located in the north eastern part of Pakistan in the northerly regions that have an autonomous status in Pakistan. Nowadays this region is known as Gilgit-Baltistan, the capital of this region is Gilgit. India does not recognize this region as part of Pakistan and classifies it as ... Read More »

Gilgit – Jewel of Pakistan

Gilgit city is situated in the north of Pakistan which is the capital of Gilgit- Baltistan. It is the hometown of beauty, various cultures and numerous languages. Gilgit region has been given many names like Jewel of Pakistan, Asia’s wonderland and Roof of the world, whereas it is considered to ... Read More »

Gojal – A fairy tale

  Hunza Valley which is regarded as one of the beautiful places in Pakistan is rich in its culture and heritage. Hunza is located in the extreme north, in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Hunza divided into three parts lower Hunza(Shinaki), Central Hunza and Upper Hunza. My core focus of ... Read More »

Hunza – A heaven on earth

Hunza, known as Heaven on Earth, is a beautiful mountainous valley located in the Gilgit- Baltistan region of Pakistan. Situated at the north/west of the Hunza River, it is surrounded by several high peaks including Rakaposhi, Hunza Peak, BojahagurDuanasir II, Darmyani Peak, Ghenta Sar, Ultar Sar and Ladyfinger Peak.   The valley has ... Read More »

Hunza – Land of peace

Situated at the northwest of Hunza river at an altitude of 3000 feet (2440 meters above sea level) lays the valley of Hunza. In Pakistan this valley is known as the heaven on earth but it is pronounced by many writers as “land of peace”. History and Location Hunza previously ... Read More »

South Waziristan – Hell’s door knocker

South Waziristan is a mountainous area of North-Western part of Pakistan. It borders with Afghanistan and covers an area of approximately 6,620 square kilometers. Waziristan is divided into two agencies for administrative purposes (South and North). It comprises the area west and south west of Peshawar between the Touchi River ... Read More »

Turbat – Graveyard of history

Turbat is a city located in southern Baluchistan lying in the Makran region. Makran region is predominantly mountainous with three parallel ranges running coast-west. The southernmost is the Makran coastal range, a line of low hills rising no more than 65 meters. Next is the Central Makran range, which reaches ... Read More »

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