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Quaid-i-Azam’s Perception of Pakistan’s Relations with India

Quaid-i-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah was a peace loving person and wanted Pakistan to be a peace loving state with neutral and independent foreign policy. He wanted Pakistan to enter the arena of world politics with the pious hope of ‘peace within and peace without’[i]. Even in his broadcast speech from …

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Iqbal’s Vision of Pakistan: A Philosophical and Political Study

‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. Muslims of India experienced the expression of sword in the War of independence 1857 which failed to accomplish their goal and reviving the glorious Muslim rule. On the contrary the services rendered through pen cultivated thoughts in the masses, facilitated them in releasing …

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Jinnah-Gandhi Talks And The Causes For Their Failure

Introduction: By the autumn of the year 1944 the situation in British India had reached to a critical level. The Second World War was raging full tilt in most parts of the world. India was itself in real peril of an invasion by imperialist Japan. By that time the war …

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Jahangir Khan Pakistan and the South East Asia Treaty Organization

Every state has its own way of dealing the world and defining its particular role. The foreign policy of a state is formulated according to its regional environment, national interest, capabilities, and ideologies. As “no nation can have a sure guide as to what it must do and what it …

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The Troika Politics and the Musical Chair: Pakistan from 1988-1999

The annuls of history of Pakistan are enriched with the phrases of ‘security concern’, ‘strategic depth’, ‘Indian threat’ and the notion that ‘strong army equates with a strong nation’. The phenomena of ‘Indian threat’ was coined the moment Pakistan came into being. It was initially this perception that brought military …

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Anti Ahmadiyya Movement in Pakistan

Statement of the problem “The Ahmadiyya is the newest of Islamic sects, distinguished from the main body of Muslims by certain doctrinal peculiarities and by the social exclusiveness of its adherents,” writes Leonard Binder in his book Religion and Politics in Pakistan 1961. The Ahmadi Movement is an Islamic reformist …

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