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Bhutto Swaran Singh talks 1962

There is a considerable amount of truth in the statement that the Kashmir issue has always been an obstacle in the way of peaceful and brotherly relations between Pakistan and India. Historically speaking, Kashmir was a predominantly Muslim state under the rule of Hindu Maharaja. However, it failed to cede ... Read More »

Colombo Conference (1954)

Colombo conference was held on April 28 1954 in Ceylon, and it was ended on 2nd May 1954.This conference was attended by Ceylon, Indonesia, Burma, India and Pakistan. Participants of this conference were also known as Colombo powers. They all were met to discuss the problems and issues which were ... Read More »


Multan, the commercial hub and the biggest city of South Punjab, is important mainly because of its historical importance. It is one of the oldest living cities in Pakistan and has a very rich sufi traditions. Known as the city of saints, Multan housed the mazaars of leading Sufis who ... Read More »

Pakistan and Iraq- Kuwait war of 1990

Pakistan being an Islamic country has always tried to make cordial relations with Islamic world. Its initial foreign policy was based on bringing the Islamic countries together and to create a strong kind of alliance to have an international say in the affairs of the globe.  The attempts of Pakistani ... Read More »

Common wealth

Introduction. Commonwealth is the name of an international organization. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of this organization. This organization can also be called as intergovernmental organization. It is sometimes called as an organization of “like-minded” peoples or an organization of peoples with a “common way of life.   Institutional ... Read More »

Sir Creek

Sir  creek  issue  basically  water  disputed between Pakistan and India  in  Rann  of  kutch  60 mi long. This flows the Arabian Sea. It  divides  kutch  region  of  India  state  Gujarat , Sindh  region  of  Pakistan. It is situated almost 23 58N 68 48E. Sir  Creek  was  requested  to  solve  the  ... Read More »

Neelum Valley

Neelum valley has beautiful and panoramic scenery. This valley is parallel to the Kaghan valley. It has a noisy and beautiful river called Neelum River. This river is of fresh and pure water where tourists come and enjoy the place surrounded by lush green trees on both sides of the ... Read More »

Musharraf Solution to Kashmir Issue

Since the departure of the British from Indian Sub-continent, following the creation of the two Dominions, India and Pakistan, Jammu & Kashmir has been the bone of contention between the two countries. So far three wars have been fought on Kashmir in 1948, 1965, and 1999. Since the cease-fire went ... Read More »

Zhou Enlai visit to Pakistan

The Sino-Pakistan relations are always cordial and encapsulated by the bond of friendship and love ever since they had been established. The relations from economic, political and social perspectives are bound by the mutual feelings of love and respect. Pakistan recognized China on January 4, 1950 and established diplomatic relations ... Read More »

CENTO (Baghdad Pact)

  Central Treaty Organization (CENTO) earlier Middle East Treaty Organization, or Baghdad Pact Organization Mutual Security Organization dating from 1955 to 1979 and contained of Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq and the Britain. Turkey and Iraq are founding initiators who laid the foundation of the Baghdad Pact for mutual defense and ... Read More »

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