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Attack on the Indian parliament

Terrorism has been the menace that is haunting the contemporary world for a couple of decades. It is aimed at arousing invisible terror to secure the ulterior ends. Similar objectives were the driving force behind the execution of a plan aiming attack on the Indian parliament that produced serious repercussions ... Read More »

Pakistan-china boundary agreement 1962

The Sino-Pakistan boundary agreement finalizing the border between Pakistan and China was signed in March 1963. This agreement became quite controversial owing to Indian refusal to acknowledge it because she also asserts sovereignty over some of the areas. Besides this controversy, the agreement changed the regional balance by bringing Pakistan ... Read More »


Skardu, Baltistan Skardu, being the largest district in the Northern Area, attracts travelers through its various breathtaking features. For a tourist, it may not be possible to explore this huge district from each and every aspect due to the race between perfect weather conditions and time. However, the capital town ... Read More »

Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement (1954)

World War II brought in its wake many new developments and events. The most immediate outcome of the war was the coming of a bipolar world being dominated by capitalist United States and the communist Soviet Union. Subscribing to two different and antithetical ideologies, the two powers indulged in a ... Read More »


The last troop of Soviet Union left Afghanistan in 1989, after the withdrawal of the Soviet troops than Afghanistan faced the collapse and fragmentation because of the civil war “the Afghan tribal disputes and blood feuds”. A bloody civil war shattered this already war-ruined country into a larger fragmentation. There ... Read More »

Around Lahore

1) Hiran Minar Hiran Minar (Minaret regarding Antelope) is placed in a relaxing environments near Lahore with Sheikhupura, Pakistan. Hiran Minar is among the best known and the majority beautiful connected with such sites. It was once the preferred hunting spot for all Muslim rulers. Hiran Minar is actually 43 ... Read More »

Kashmir Issue

Since the partition of the Indian subcontinent into India and Pakistan in 1947, the Kashmir dispute has been an intractable one between them. They fought three wars over it in1948, 1965, and 1999, but have not been able to resolve it. The partition left the fate of over 550 princely ... Read More »

Iran-Iraq War (1980-88)

Iran and Iraq entered into a period of war stretching over 1980-88, basically known as the Persian Gulf War. The war which was initiated by Iraq, brought in its wake colossal damages for the bellicose neighbors viz, the war cost enormous lives and material things too. The idea of plunging ... Read More »

Simla Agreement (1972)

The immediate outcome of the War of 1971 between India and Pakistan was the change of government in Pakistan and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the majority party leader of West Pakistan assumed power on December 20, 1971. The War of 1971 resulted in the dismemberment of East Pakistan. Pakistan had lost ... Read More »

American Invasion on Afghanistan

American invasion on Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11 attacks on the world trade center was an event of paramount significance in the contemporary world history. The significance of the invasions lies in the fact that the challenge to American prestige and stature was accepted by the sole super-power as ... Read More »

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