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American attack on Iraq 2003

The 2003 invasion of Iraq was the start of conflict known as Iraq war, or operation Iraqi freedom, in which a combined force of groups from united state, the United Kingdom, Austria and Poland invaded Iraq and toppled the regime of Saddam Husain in 21 days of major combat operation. Saddam Husain regime was fluctuating between math and realities. Annexation of Kuwait leads to the operation desert storm and resulted in UN sanction diplomatically, economically and militarily. In which Pakistan supported the because of UN.9/11 changed the scenario of the world the result the devastation of Afghanistan with the support of Pakistan as the front line ally of the united state in the war against terror. Then terms of American harms towards the weapons of mass destruction resulted in the attack of us and ally forces in Iraq which ultimately ends Saddam Husain regime


If we look in the background Saddam regime was fluctuating between myths and realities. Saddam ambition was to made Iraq the dominate power in the Persian gulf and the Arab world earlier in 1963 his party has issued the pan Arab charter. The charter called for collective Arab defense and rejected any foreign presence in the gulf. Thus rivalry between USA and Iraq was inevitable although Iraq had a powerful army but not so much as Saddam was thinking for instance Saddam expected an easy and quick victory within two or three weeks but the war dragged on for eight long years by which one can easily imagine the Saddam’s regime fluctuated between myth and reality.


On august 2, 1990 Iraqi armed forces invaded Kuwait and occupied it swiftly just in the span of 6 hours. This invasion came as a shock to Kuwait USA and the entire world this has never happened in the any part of the world since the end of the second world war the result was the operation desert storm by which Iraq was compelled a completely withdrawal from Kuwait. UN Security Council condemned Iraq’s invasion annexation of Kuwait. The Arab league also did the same. The UN imposed mandatory sanctions forbid all members state to conduct business with Iraq. The European community .The us and Japan froze Kuwait assets. The US deployed ground forces and air units to protect Saudi Arabia as look in Pakistani foreign policy prospective Iraq by and large agrees secular policy an idea distasteful to Pakistan. Pakistan therefore wouldn’t like Iraq to become a great regional power. It followed the US line of action and agreed to send nearly 50,000 troops as a part of multinational force and supported the cause of un.


The 9/11 changed the scenario of the world and resulted in the devastation of Afghanistan by us and allied forces Pakistan became the Frontline ally of US in the war against terror for the survival. After attack on Afghanistan the turn of us horns to the weapon of mass destruction us blamed that Iraq processed weapons of mass destruction on the base of this allegation us and its allies countries invaded Iraq and toppled the regime of Saddam in 21 days.
To cut the story short that Saddam regime was ended by the invasion of us and allied forces on the base of weapons of mass destruction Pakistan fully supported us after 9/11 to gain support of us militarily and economically.

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